Due to work keeping my quite busy along with a drop in how much coding I actually do while working means I have not been following CF 10 and CF community that closely. But I was pretty excited to find last week that the ColdFusion 10 (Zeus) beta has been out for a few weeks now. Time to code a bit more then!

The first thing to do was install it on my new SSD (get one, its good stuff) with Windows 7. IIS was already setup for ColdFusion 9, so I just went ahead with the install. Everything seemed to be going well (lots of password warnings), but the administrator wouldn't open at the last step. Now, I hit a lot of issues installing CF9 on Windows 7 64-bit and I was hoping this was not a repetition of those issues. Thankfully it wasn't. The main change I had to made was to install the .NET Extensibility, ASP.NET and CGI features for World Wide Web Services under IIS. After that, I re-install CF 10 and everything was good to go.

Logged into CF Admin, and this is nice, very nice. What I am talking about is actually the new update installer that Adobe has included now. For anybody working with ColdFusion in production environments, 1-click install removes a big headache. Apart from that, the new Clear Query Cache option will be one of my favorite enhancements. Same thing with ability to clear cache for specific paths. This means when doing a Production hot fix, I don't need to reset cache for the whole application.

Anyway, if you have not yet download CF 10 beta, get it now:
ColdFusion 10 - Adobe Labs